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Historic Millinery from the Regency through Civil War Eras
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Derby Tight Stockings     $12

One Size fits most, and available in a Cream color. These are knit with a mix of Cotton, Nylon, and Lycra in a simulated "derby rib".  Great for more substantial legs, they provide a very generous amount of stretch in the ankle, calf, and thigh. Due to their extreme stretchiness, they can also fit a petite and leg foot very well.

Light Weight Cotton Stocking $12
Thigh high white lightweight cotton stockings.  Small size fits shoe size 6-8.  Large size fits shoe size 9-12 shoe size.  Light weight cotton stocking for warm weather.

Heavy Weight Cotton Stocking     $12
Thigh high, white heavyweight cotton stockings.  Size small fits size 6-8 shoe size.  Size large fits size 9-12 shoe size.  A long wearing heavy stocking.  Great for cool weather.

Openwork Cotton Stockings $14
One Size Fits Most
Style starts to appear early in the 19th Century and was worn into the 20th century.

Black White Clocked Cotton Stockings     $14
One size fits most.  Clocking is defined as a short embroidered or woven ornament.  Popular since the 17th century.  By the 18th century embroidered clocking decoration could be imitated on the stocking frame.

Silk Stockings      $16
One Size Fits Most.

Silk Openwork     $24
One Size Fits Most.

Silk Ribbed     $24
One Size Fits Most.

Silk Clocked     $24
One Size Fits Most.

Lightweight Wool Stockings $28
One Size Fits Most.

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