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Historic Millinery from the Regency through Civil War Eras
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About Us
In 2006, Timely Tresses emerged from the creative endeavors of Dannielle Perry and Mandy Foster. That year, the company published 7 patterns, spanning the 1840's through the early 1860's, based on original bonnets, photographic evidence, and period periodicals. In 2007, Timely Tresses published 4 additional patterns for 1850's and 1860's fashion bonnets as well as patterns for a hood and a sunbonnet. 2008 saw the introduction of the first of a series of 22 fashion plate books. Six long awaited Regency Era patterns emerged in mid 2009 and are featured by the Jane Austen Centre. In 2011, Timely Tresses released the first of three millinery guides featuring their extensive collection of original bonnets, antique periodicals, and photographs.  Timely Tresses participates as a vendor in living history events and artisan fairs.

Dannielle Perry, a graduate of North Carolina State University and former teacher, has had an interest in fashion and fabric arts her entire life. An active participant in living history since 1995, she conducts on going research on historic fashion based on original garments, antique periodicals, and period photography. Dannielle resides in North Carolina with her husband Randy and three children.

Mandy Foster, a thirteen-year veteran of living history, studies fashion history, and teaches sewing, design, and patternmaking. After completing an internship at Past Patterns, she graduated in 2002 from Oklahoma State University with a B.S. in Apparel Design and Production and a minor in History. Mandy and her husband Sean own Baker Lane, specializing in vintage-inspired motherhood sewing patterns, and Foster & Foster Clothiers, specializing in reproduction WWII British dress hats. Mandy, Sean, and their four children make their home in North Carolina.

Mandy and Dannielle both work hard to balance the needs of their growing families and the demands of Timely Tresses. In the future, look forward to additional patterns spanning the early to mid 19th century and several books.

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