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Ladies Monthly Museum
March 1800
Fashionable women have always  adorned their hats and bonnets with feathers.

Ladies Monthly Museum
September 1819

Costumes Parisiens

Ostrich Feathers
Nearly hunted to extinction in the 18th century, the domestication of ostriches in the early 19th century allowed for continued use of their plumes in popular millinery. Shown with bows and ribbons on early 19th century bonnets, women combined ostrich feathers with silk flowers in trimming mid-19th century bonnets.

Godey's Lady's Book
July 1835

Graham's Magazine
January 1842

Other Feathers
Although ostrich feathers reigned supreme in the early 19th century, peacock feathers and golden pheasant feathers also appear on the occasional hat and bonnet.  By the mid to late 1860's, these feathers increased greatly in popularity.
Godey's Lady's Book
November 1856


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