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Other Feathers

"Those ladies who patronize the Marie Stuart bonnets wear  upon the front or peak two falling aigrettes, two tufts of golden pheasant’s feathers, or two sprays of bell-like flowers, such as lilies of the valley, campanulas, &c."

Arthur's Home Magazine

August 1864

Golden Pheasant Feathers.  Although the ring neck was pheasant not introduced until later, golden pheasant feathers were used in millinery.

"The recent introduction of peacock's feathers are ornaments in costume is gaining favor in the fashionable circles.  The Empress of the French was the first who adopted this novelty, and great numbers of peacock's plumes are now in preparation for bonnets.  They will be very fashionable the coming winter in velvet bonnets; their brilliant and varied hues producing an admirable effect in contrast with black or dark-colored velvet. "

Peterson's Magazine

 November 1855

Godey's Lady's Book
 May 1861

Peacock Feathers


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